The Sarah Palin Ad for 2016 – what a Nutcase!

The Sarah Palin Ad for 2016

This gal needs her own talk show on AirheadTV 🙂

Junk News: The Centerpiece of Fox News. America Needs Good Journalism and Not Dumb, Arguing, Throw-down Shouting Matches

Junk News serves up bailout slugfest

Providing original footage and selected videos from Youtube on individuals' behavior that just can not be described using language.

MSNBC cuts Congresswoman during NSA LIVE to report… Justin Bieber

MSNBC cuts Congresswoman

Our entertainment must come first.

Congresswoman Jane Harman was called in to discuss the recommendation of the US government privacy watchdog. But as Harman got round to urging Congress to “seriously consider discontinuing section 215”, matters of national importance were put aside. . . Congresswomen let me interrupt for just a moment, we have some breaking news . . .

“…We've got some breaking news out of Miami, stand by if you will. Right now in Miami Justin Bieber has been arrested on a number of charges,"announced Andrea Mitchell, the MSNBC news anchor, interrupting the congresswoman."

Airhead TV by design

The American propaganda machine is highly sophisticated. It does not rely upon the radio addresses, speeches, and leaflets disseminated by the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, nor does it rely on the crude censorship or harassment of free press ordered by a Politburo. The propaganda of America’s “one percent” is subtle yet pervasive; it relies not only on government diktats but on pop culture, Hollywood, art, and of course, the mass media. read more


In Living Color : Hey Mon #1

Biden’s Fall Was Not What Was Reported

The Secret Service reported, what seemingly was a fall, was in fact a projectile which had hit the president's body while boarding Airforce One. This statement was made several days later after forensic studies of various videos. The question is still under investigation on what or who launched this projectile. A leak within the ranks of the CIA, reportedly stated that the investigation is pointing more towards a Chinese hacker who lives in the US. The latest information is that new findings found it looked more of a collaboration between the Chinese/Russian.
March 22, 2021

Fake News CNN

Mar 10, 2017 - Remy stops by CNN to deal with "Fake News."

Are Humans Getting Dumber?

Oct. 4, 2022 - The Doctors discuss a study which found that IQ scores have been getting lower and lower since 1975. Does the panel think human intelligence is decreasing?

Debt Buyers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

The First Presidential Debate Lives Up To the Hype

Sept. 28, 2016

more videos: B and C (SNL)

At the first debate the candidates delivered plenty of barbs, insults, and one of the biggest lies of the entire campaign.

Diane Sawyer Apologizes To Viewers For Misrepresenting Palestinian Victims As Israelis

Top 10 Staged (Fake) Media Events As If They Were Real

Western media news outlets stage breaking - live events as though the reporters are on location when in fact they are staged in the studios with fake backgrounds (blue screen). Also these, so called news outlets from different channels are using the same script. You like entertainment presented as news, you got it.